Vishuddha Vibe Chakrölogy: Crown Chakra

Chakrölogy Series: Third Eye Chakrölogy!

Vishuddha Vibe and Nicole Anne Yoga present...

Chakrölogy Series: Third Eye Chakrölogy!


Date: 6/26/2021

Time: 6:30-8:30pm




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Spirit of Yoga
120 E Southern Avenue 
Tempe AZ 

*Event will also be streamed live via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for those that cannot attend in-person!

**This event is for ages 13 and up.


Description:___We will use advanced forms of energy healing utilizing a myriad of sound and vibrational tools, stones, aromatherapy, reiki, sealing of yoga postures from the gong, sacred geometry, and crystal grids to influence the subtle energy systems in the human bio field. Our goal is to rebalance Chakras, which are the main energy points in the body to restore balance in one's life. 

We will focus on balancing the Third Eye during this 2 hour vibrational shamanic journey.

This event is the 6th in the 7 part series which will activate all the chakras. Our intention is to balance, clear energy,  and release toxins the body is hanging onto. 

Inability to recognize and listen to your intuition is an indication that the Third Eye Chakra is out of balance.

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