Transportation Security Administration To Implement New ID requirements at Airport Security Checkpoints and Other Federally-Controlled Areas

On October 1, 2020 the Transportation Security Administration will implement new ID requirements at airport security checkpoints and other federally-controlled areas such as federal buildings.

One consequence of this is that the standard Arizona Driver License or ID will NOT be accepted at these checkpoints. The Motor Vehicle Division offers the Travel ID, which is compliant, but by state law we have to continue to offer the standard license which means the Travel ID is a voluntary option for the customer.

The Travel ID is easy to get, but customers need to visit MVD or a 3rd Party office and bring in proof of identity (birth certificate, US Passport, etc.), proof of their Social Security number and two documents proving AZ residency.

The implications are pretty significant. We could see flyers stranded at airports and at MVD there are concerna about a rush of customers as the deadline approaches.

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