Supporting the Community Through Immunity

HandsOn Greater Phoenix is a local nonprofit whose mission is to put volunteers to work where they are needed most.  We are partnering with ASU and other local partners at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, State Farm Stadium, DexCom, and Yuma Civic Center to register and schedule volunteers to staff the vaccine sites. The engine for these sites running smoothly is the volunteer workforce running them!

If you sign up for a volunteer shift, please keep your commitment even if you secure a vaccine appointment.  We all need to work together to provide volunteer staffing at these sites so that ALL Arizonans have the opportunity to be vaccinated.  We ask for your help to support this months-long effort.  We are getting there!

Updated March 29, 2021
Good Afternoon!  Since the announcement that the vaccine is now available to the general population, volunteer interest in serving at the vaccine sites has taken a nosedive.  Let's rally Arizona!  We have many shifts available at both Phoenix Muni and State Farm and we have now added DexCom in the Southeast Valley and the Yuma Civic Center.  We're calling for all "HandsOn" deck!  If you have already volunteered and received your vaccine, please join us again.  If you haven't volunteered, come on out to help others get vaccinated while you also receive yours!  Let's pull together to vaccinate State 48!
NOTE: Photo IDs are now required at volunteer check-in.

Follow the link to learn more and to register to become a volunteer: