Right People – Right Seats Workshop

You have a Vision for where you really want to take your business. And you know
you need the Right People in the Right Seats to get there. But you have already, or you
very soon will hit a ceiling with your team that threatens to halt your progress!

Here’s an opportunity to get real insight about your current team and explore the
possibilities for getting the Right People in the Right Seats! Kim Watson, Ph.D. in
Performance Psychology and Chris Spear, Master Business Coach, will be your guides.

This workshop is designed for companies with 10 to 250 people. The Visionary/CEO
and Integrator/COO are invited to participate together, but the workshop can be
completed with just one of you there.

You’ll Learn Practical Tools to
1) identify the right people for your company
2) structure your company with the right seats
3) get the right people in the right seats in your organization structure
Before the Workshop, we’ll administer a brief (6 minutes) assessment to each
member of your core leadership team. Results will be summarized by company to
show the dynamics of how your specific team approaches work.

At the Workshop, You’ll find out how your leadership team is “wired” to execute
their mission-critical roles. With good, hard data, you’ll find out if your team has the
tendencies and motivations to create a Unique Capacity Team that will make your
company unstoppable. And you’ll learn strategies to move your team in the right
direction for optimal team composition and business execution.

Are You Ready To Become Your Best As A Leadership Team? Are you ready
to bolster employee engagement, reduce turnover, uncover hidden talent, and
increase bottom-line revenue? Would you like to learn how to minimize applicant
interview time and eliminate costly bad hires?

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We look forward to seeing you at the Right People Right Seats Workshop!

Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Place: Copper Point Business Park
202 San Tan Fwy. / Val Vista
OnQ Training Room
3530 S Val Vista Dr – Suite 211
Gilbert, AZ 85297

RSVP: Call or text 480-848-3037
Email chris@traction-point.com
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