Park University Gilbert Offers Summer Programs

Early College Online Program: This was the program we briefly mentioned as a great opportunity for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a 3.0 GPA and are looking to take a few courses to gain university credit from our accredited, non-profit, four-year university. More details can be found here: Classes Start June 8th and all of the courses offered are general education courses that can be transferred to other institutions or applied to any degree program at Park. Of particular interest, this program focuses on a selected group of courses centered around engaging, universal subject matter and our most dynamic instructors. 
From the Schoolhouse to Their House - A new playbook for teaching & learning workshop: The program is focused on k-12 Teachers and is a four-week online workshop designed by our Park Educators (K-12, higher ed. & instructional designers) to help in the transition to eLearning. Park University has a long and rich history in designing and delivering online learning courses around the world and each session will center around helpful guidance from a panel of experts with plenty of “hands-on” learning opportunities and an opportuinty for questions / answer every evening. Initial Kick-Off is Monday, May 4, 2020 and more information can be found online here: