One Day for SENIORS

Keep seniors safe and resilient during our one-day-only virtual fundraising drive

Mercy Housing Southwest is ready to rally for residents during One Day for SENIORS!

On November 5, 2020, we have 24 hours to change the life of a senior. Donations raised will help provide essential food items, personal protective equipment, and technology and training for the Southwest seniors that call Mercy Housing home.

Special guest Beth McDonald, host of Beth and Friends on 99.9 KEZ, will be joining us for this important one day of giving.

During a public health crisis, the most vulnerable and marginalized in society suffer the greatest, but you can help.

Coronavirus continues to spread and seniors, who are considered high risk, are encouraged to stay home. For the low-income seniors who live in Mercy Housing Southwest communities, stocking up on enough food and cleaning supplies is nearly impossible. Not to mention the social isolation that results from months of staying home to stay safe.

These seniors need you. Especially now. Just imagine the impact we can make in 24 hours!

You can make an impact! Click here: