Introducing The University of Dubuque (Tempe) Location: A College You Can't Afford Not To Learn More About

What You Want To Know About the University of Dubuque, Tempe (LIFE) College Program

 What should I know about the University of Dubuque (UD)?
The University of Dubuque was established in 1852 and is a non-profit, Christian based, private college. 
Is the University of Dubuque accredited? 

Yes, UD has been regionally accredited since 1921 through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The same authority which accredits ASU, UofA, NAU, and the 2-yr schools under Maricopa County Community College District, Central Arizona College, and Pima Community College. 
What does LIFE mean? 

The acronym “LIFE” means Learning Institute for Fulfillment and Engagement. It simply identifies the non-traditional program for working adults and is an extension of the traditional student campus. The LIFE program was specifically created with working adults in mind, offering classes that meet one night a week for 5 weeks from start to finish. 
Why did the University of Dubuque decide to open a location in Tempe, Arizona? 

Through a 2015 Lumina Foundation report, Phoenix was listed 5th in the country of having the highest number of adult learners who began some form of education or training and did not complete a degree.
When did the UD-Tempe location open in Arizona? 

The staff has been here since Dec 2016. The first class was held in Sept 2017. The Tempe Campus was HLC approved September 2017 and received its license to operate through from the Arizona Board of Post-Secondary Education in July 2017. 
Where is the UD-Tempe campus located? 

2900 S. Diablo Way, Suite D281, Tempe AZ 85282 (South of the Tempe Diablo Baseball stadium) 
How many LIFE locations are there? 

Four. The LIFE program originated at the University of Dubuque’s main campus in Dubuque, IA in 2009. The second location opened in Cedar Rapids, IA in 2013. UD-Tempe is the first out of state location for the LIFE program, and a fourth location is currently in the planning stages.  The next out of state location is slated to open in 2021 in Meridan, Idaho
What programs are offered at the UD-Tempe location? 

Bachelor's in Business (Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, and Human Resources), Criminal Justice, Healthcare Administration, and Master of Business Administration. 
How many credit hours are required to graduate from the University of Dubuque? 

Undergraduate Degree: 120 credit hours 
MBA: 36 credit hours
What is the tuition per credit hour for bachelor's and master’s degrees? 
Undergraduate Courses: $215 per credit hour (UD-Tempe only).
Graduate Level Courses: $260 per credit hour (UD-Tempe only). 

Is the UD-Tempe program taught online? ***
Because of COVID-19, the Fall session will provide student with the option to attend remotely or in person.  Either way, students will meet with their instructors and classmates one night a week, to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the coursework. They are then able to complete the remainder of weekly requirements, an additional 15-20 hours per week, in the comfort of their own environments during hours convenient to them. 

When are classes offered? 
Classes are offered year-round. The 5-week format allows for 9 sessions throughout the year: 4 in the spring, 2 during the summer, and 3 in the fall. 
Is it required to take a class every session? 

No. The LIFE program was designed with the working adult student in mind. Up to 27 credits can be completed in an academic year, but taking classes every session is not required. Academic advisors are available to help build a personalized schedule that best fits each student’s situation. 
How many students are in a typical class? 

On average the class size is less than 14 students. This is a great size for learning and content engagement. 
Will an Associate’s Degree from a local community college transfer? 

Yes. The University of Dubuque’s Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) guarantees admission to qualified students from accredited community colleges, including schools such as MCCCD and Pima CC. The number of credits that transfer will depend on the school, the degree, and the program the student is enrolling in. 
How many credits can be transferred to the University of Dubuque? 

If applicable, up to 90 credits can be accepted towards an undergraduate degree. It is required at least 30 credits of the student’s final 36 credits be completed with UD. Students must also fulfill the respective UD general education and major requirements, including a minimum of 12 credit hours in the major area of study. 
May students use 
Financial Aid for the UD-Tempe program? 
Anyone can apply for financial aid. If eligible, students may use financial aid, including Pell Grants (School Code: 001891). Additionally, if applicable, students may submit for employer’s tuition reimbursement, or apply to use Montgomery GI Bill®/Post-9/11 GI Bill®
Does UD-Tempe offer childcare assistance? 

The University of Dubuque will reimburse childcare provided at $12.00 per hour (maximum 4 hours) for the day(s) a student is attending class during a 5-week session at the UD-Tempe location. Childcare must be provided by a non-related or non-family member to qualify. Invoices from the provider must be submitted within 7 days of the end of the session to receive reimbursement. 
When a degree is earned, will it have the word “LIFE” in the title? 

No. Degrees earned through the LIFE program are identical to the degrees earned through the traditional program, so the degree will look identical as well.

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