FREE Registration at Kumon of Gilbert-Lindsay & Warner until July 15!

Students across the country are facing the reality of an extended absence from the classroom setting. Research suggests that because of the break from the classroom, students may face the "Covid Slide," leading to significant learning loss. Kumon can help keep your child on track this summer and beyond. Kumon Instructors are committed to continuous learning during these challenging times. Even though classes may be suspended, we are working to provide worksheets and learning opportunities for children at home.

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Kumon Math and Reading Center of Gilbert - Lindsay & Warner. We are conveniently located at 911 S Lindsay Rd, Suite 105, Gilbert, AZ - just at the southeast corner of Lindsay & Warner. Our enrollment is year-round and we offer FREE Registration until July 15!

CALL US TODAY at (480) 632-8228 to schedule a Parent Orientation & Free Placement Testing for your child. You may also email us at or text at (760) 805-6288 for any inquiries.