Meet Matthew Ross of Rising Dental Club

Business Name
Rising Dental Club

Business Website

What is your name?
Matthew Ross

Time in business:
1 year

What product or service do you offer?

We offer unlimited, affordable and transparent dental care memberships as an employee benefit or individual plan.

What makes your business different, competitive, or unique?

Our desire is to help make the highest quality dental care affordable and accessible for as many people as possible. We help companies provide the best benefits to their team in an affordable package.

What is the nicest thing a customer has ever said about your business?

Rising Dental Club is exactly what this industry needs and is going to help so many people!

How has your business found value in your membership with the Gilbert Chamber?   
The networking support has helped our business get to know locals in the community and support the wonderful town of Gilbert!

What motivates you professionally?

I desire to see dental care become affordable and transparent for our community. I believe healthcare shouldn't have to be "sold" and that everybody deserves to have a healthy mouth. The dental industry has been plagued with cost barriers and the incentives of dental insurance companies and dental providers are all wrong! I aim to change the status quo by bringing high quality dental care directly from employer to dental provider to patient.

What do you consider to be your greatest success?

Raising my 4 children is the most important task I have and something that I am continuing to improve on!

Who do you look up to or admire?

I've met so many great leaders in this community it's hard to name just one! From my pastor, to fellow entrepreneurs, I continue to learn from all the amazing people around me!

When you're not working, where in Gilbert do you spend your time?

We spend a lot of time in our swimming pool, or at the lake or snowboarding on the mountains!