Meet Luann Lennox, with Tequila Snobs, LLC

Business Name * TequilaSnobs LLC
Website or Social Media Link *
Who is the owner/manager? Luann Lennox
How many years have you been in business? TequilaSnobs, LLC
What product or service do you offer? * TequilaSnobs conducts an educational, entertaining, tasting experience all wrapped around the most amazing southwest spirit... Tequila! Large corporate appreciation events as well as intimate in-home gatherings. No Tequila to buy as we do not represent any one brand. You get to experience and taste many, including sweet tequila cordials.
What makes your business different, competitive, or unique? * There simply are not any other businesses (or experiences) like a TequilaSnobs Tasting Event. Amaze and impress your friends, colloquies, and employees. With such a rare, one of a kind experience.
What is the nicest thing a customer has ever said about your business? * People often say that Luann is the reason the event was so fun. I think the huge selection of Tequilas is a selling point, but many say it is Luann's sense of humor and fun storytelling.
How has your business found value in your membership with the Gilbert Chamber? * The relationships and friendships formed because of the Gilbert Chamber have been fantastic! The Gilbert Chamber does a stupendous job of coordinating many mixers and ways to meet other Chamber Members. The connections I have made for all it takes to run a business have been priceless!
What is your name and title? * Luann Lennox Tequila Conodedora (that's Spanish for connoisseur)
What motivates you professionally? * Things (good and BAD) happen for a reason. Whenever I have a frustrating thing happen whether a cancellation or change in plans, I know it is for a good reason as something better always replaces it. The time is not always right and I have learned to trust those happenings. I am, however, still working to embrace them!
What do you consider to be your greatest success? * Creating a business that no one has ever considered. Convincing people that Tequila could be SIPPED and really enjoyed!
Who do you look up to or admire? * I watch the makers and master distillers in Mexico; the ones who have small plantations and are still growing and creating their Tequila the original old fashioned way. I'm in awe of the many Americans that live here in the states and are promoting their brand locally and throughout the U.S. Fighting for shelf space with the mass-produced brands is not easy and takes much work and money. As we know, money sometimes makes the world go around and I admire those who are doing well because they simply have a good product.
When you're not working, where in Gilbert do you spend your time? * Easy question, The Bario Queen but it is impossible to be there and not think, talk and drink my business...which is fine and I love it! Culinary Dropout has a super fun vibe, their bartenders are fantastic and very knowledgeable.. plus they have super Tequila choices! If I really want to clear my head of all TequilaSnobs thoughts you'll find me roaming around San Tan mall, outside, window shopping!