Meet Kimberly Selchan of Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert

KimberlySelchan, Region Owner
Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert

How many years have you been in business? 4.5

What product or service do you offer? 
One-to-one personalized tutoring or test preparation at nearly any level, including KG through Undergraduate classes, Homeschool, Special Needs and Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses. We also have tutors who help adults earn their GED, vocational skills or to learn a new language. The majority of our support is done in-home by request of our clients.
What makes your business different, competitive, or unique?
Probably the two most unique aspects are cost and location. We allow clients to prepay as few or many hours as they want without locking into lengthy contacts and large deposits. Over 80% of our academic support is conducted in the student's home. Our team of tutors is recognized and rewarded when they earn positive feedback from their families, and we provide resources and professional development to build their skillset. Every student is intentionally matched with the tutor whose skill, schedule, location - and personality- are the best fit for the student's success; tutors cannot simply choose a student from a list and show up.

What is the nicest thing a customer has ever said about your business?
I had an excellent experience with Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert. They followed up quickly with my inquiry to hear my concerns for my child's education, listening to the details for what we specifically needed. They easily accommodated us in regard to times, locations, etc. Jamyla was friendly, on time, professional, and very knowledgeable on how to help my son grow and succeed in his specific struggles. My son enjoyed having her and she went above and beyond what I asked her to do. She brought expertise to the session and I felt confident having her with my son each time, knowing he was in good hands. After each session, there was a follow-up as to what they had accomplished.

How has your business found value in your membership with the Gilbert Chamber?
We have enjoyed the events that bring together business and government leaders, such as the Tri-City Economic Development presentation, to learn how our business and education fit into the visions and policies of the city.

What motivates you professionally?
Witnessing parents transform from a place of guilt, overwhelm and stress about their childrens' stuggles, to being proud of the newfound confidence they see after one of our tutors mentors their child to believe in themselves, and helps them see their capability to be successful in academics and in life.

What do you consider to be your greatest success?
Modeling for my children that when they face a challenge or disappointment to work hard, ask for help and try to laugh.

Who do you look up to or admire?
My friend Meg. She is a single mother whose husband left the family 7 years ago and has worked her way off of government assistance to achieving a full-ride scholarship to pursue a Masters of Divinity. She is the most accepting and loving toward all walks of life I could ever hope to be.

When you're not working, where in Gilbert do you spend your time?
I love local businesses and I love coffee chats, so even when it's hot I'll usually sit outside and meet with friends at the Coffee Shop, Peixoto or Four Silos.