Meet Jean Hanson of Realign Your Life Wellness Center

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Realign Your Life Wellness Center

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How many years have you been in business?

What product or service do you offer?

The Harmonic Egg is a resonance chamber that uses sound and colored light to bring your body to a state of deep relaxation and stress relief. The sound waves of the music and the colored light waves work at a cellular level to activate your body's own ability to heal itself.

We also offer sound baths, Body Code energy healing, Quantum Touch energy healing and Higher Guidance Life Coaching.

What makes your business different, competitive, or unique?

The Harmonic Egg combines the science of bio resonance with the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry, sound and color therapy. Each Harmonic Egg session is designed especially for you, based on the goal you have for your session. You will relax in a zero-gravity chair and become enveloped in high-resonance music and colored light. Our clients say they experience energy healing on many levels—emotionally, physically and spiritually.
What is the nicest thing a customer has ever said about your business?

Steve and Jean are wonderful people to work with. They truly care about your well being and you can tell the minute you walk through the door.

How has your business found value in your membership with the Gilbert Chamber?

We value any opportunity to get out into the community, and the Chamber offers events that support our ability to do that and to meet other business owners and managers. Building relationships is the foundation of a successful business.

What motivates you professionally?

Every opportunity to work with a client to improve their life motivates me every day. To see the transformations taking place in our clients lives because of their desire to take charge of their own wellbeing motivates me to continue doing this work and getting the word out about the results you can achieve.

What do you consider to be your greatest success?

35 years as a business owner, but most proud of this business because of the people we're able to help.

Who do you look up to or admire?

I've always looked up to my father, who set the example to be a kind, honest person who cares for others.

When you're not working, where in Gilbert do you spend your time?

I love checking out new restaurants and coffee shops in the area, and attending events such as outdoor music venues.