Meet Constance Lemere with Employee Benefit Exchange, Corp.

Business Name * Employee Benefit Exchange, Corp.
Website or Social Media Link *
Who is the owner/manager? Constance Lemere
How many years have you been in business? 21
What product or service do you offer? *
EBX is a full-service Insurance Brokerage. We specialize in working with small to medium-size businesses to secure quality and competitively priced employee benefit programs. As a Broker, EBX is able to shop the market and find the best insurance options for an employer. This allows the employer to be able to attract and retain quality employees throughout the year. EBX specializes in group products like medical, dental, vision and life insurances. In addition, providing Property & Casualty insurances like Workers Comp, Business, Professional and Cyber Liability coverages to be a one-stop service to our clients.
What makes your business different, competitive, or unique? *
EBX prides itself on exceptional customer services and our proprietary benefit portal technology. Live communication with our clients is very important to us. You will never have to speak to an automated attendant during regular business hours. Each of our clients has an assigned Account Manager within our office that services the clients and employees needs throughout the year. Our employer groups never have to call the insurance carriers for service requests as that is something we do at EBX. We will handle all aspects of services such as open enrollment, routine enrollments, terminations, changes, claims and billing issues as they arise throughout the year. Basically serving as the clients off-site benefits department.
What is the nicest thing a customer has ever said about your business? * That we go above and beyond and that they can always count on EBX to have their back with the carriers and provide them with excellent service.
How has your business found value in your membership with the Gilbert Chamber? * The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce has helped EBX be recognized as a trusted brand in the community. We have acquired many wonderful clients through the Chamber and have gained the trust and respect of many other Chamber members and business owners.
What is your name and title? * Constance Lemere, President
What motivates you professionally? * On the client-side, helping businesses to find affordable coverages that they were unable to find through other avenues prior to coming to EBX. I love it when we save clients thousands of dollars and still be able to offer attractive employee benefits packages. So overall, helping businesses attain what they thought was unattainable.

On the personal side, working with my team daily to reach their goals and be and do the best they can in their careers.
What do you consider to be your greatest success? * Raising an amazing daughter and watching her grow into a strong smart and confident woman and making a difference.
Who do you look up to or admire? * One of my mentors who I admire and have great respect for is Phil Bobadilla. He is the founder of EBX and he has taught me much of what I know and really positioned and groomed me to be the leader I am in my business and the community.
When you're not working, where in Gilbert do you spend your time? * My family and I live in Gilbert and we have been in Gilbert for 17 years. You can spot us often over at San Tan Mall or at the market on Saturdays in downtown Gilbert or enjoying a meal somewhere in the Heritage District. We love Gilbert and there is no other place in AZ that we would rather live.