Meet Chris Spear Owner of Traction Point

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Business Name * Traction Point
Website or Social Media Link *
Who is the owner/manager? Chris Spear
How many years have you been in business? 3
What product or service do you offer? * I help entrepreneurs implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System so they can Build a Better Business and Live a Better Life!
What makes your business different, competitive, or unique? * Let's talk! I will give your leadership team 90 minutes! I'll show you how to articulate your Vision and get the whole team onboard. I'll show you how to get Traction -- your whole team executing with discipline and accountability. You can enjoy a Healthy and happy work environment where your Issues become the raw material for your innovation and success!

I'll help you implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System so you can Build a Better Business and Live a Better Life!
What is the nicest thing a customer has ever said about your business? * I would recommend, Chris to any business owner in any field. Chris has utterly transformed our business. I know that we are so much more efficient and profitable than we otherwise would have been had we tried to save the money, or thought to ourselves, "We've got this". I just honestly cannot imagine doing this without Chris's help! Thank you Chris!

Kent Phelps
Trajan Estate, Gilbert Arizona
How has your business found value in your membership with the Gilbert Chamber? * Great connections with Gilbert business owners!
What is your name and title? * Chris Spear, Founder, CEO
What motivates you professionally? * I love to help entrepreneurs build a better business and live a better life!
What do you consider to be your greatest success? * 36 years of marriage to my beautiful, smart and capable wife Susan!
Who do you look up to or admire? * Abundance-minded thinkers... First and foremost among them, is Jesus Christ.
A few contemporary entrepreneurial thinkers I admire include Dan Sullivan, Peter Diamandis, Seth Godin, Patrick Lencioni,
Brendon Burchard.
When you're not working, where in Gilbert do you spend your time? * Most of my time is spent at my home in The Bridges (Higley & Queen Creek). We love the walking paths in and around this neighborhood, and we love the new Gilbert Regional Park that's nearby.

Most of my client leadership teams work with me in a great space at Rivulon (Gilbert and the 202).

Several days a week, you'll find me working out at an EoS Gym. I teach Spin / Cycle classes there occasionally. And I love to hike in the San Tan Mountain Regional Park!