Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria Wants To Know: Are You An “Innie” Or An “Outie”… (When It Comes To Pizza)

Lou’s is Launching its Popular Chicago Thin Crust Pizza Nationwide on TastesofChicago.com and giving away 3,000 Free Pizzas in a Quest to Determine Which Thin Crust Slice America Loves Best
CHICAGO, January 17, 2023 – Lou Malnati’s – the beloved Chicago pizza institution long known for its iconic deep dish – announced today that it will begin shipping its popular alternative – Chicago Thin Crust – exclusively through its Tastes of Chicago platform, giving the rest of the nation access to this other quintessentially Windy City staple. Available only in restaurants for the past 30 years, Lou’s Chicago Thin Crust features its signature buttery flaky crust, edge-to-edge toppings under melty Wisconsin cheese, and importantly, square cut pieces that have fed decades of debates between the virtues of topping-forward “Innie” pieces vs. crusty “Outie” pieces.
While Malnati’s won’t take a stand on this classic deliberation, it does want to know where the nation stands. To encourage fans to weigh in, Lou’s is giving away 3,000 free pizzas* to consumers who take its “Innie” vs. “Outie” survey – available at www.AreYouInnieOrOutie.com.
“Chicagoans have been passionate about deep dish and thin crust pizza for years and have debated whether their favorite piece of the square-cut Thin Crust pizza is on the inside or outside. We thought it’s time we invite the rest of America to choose their side as well,” said Marc Malnati, owner of Lou Malnati’s. “And now, they don’t have to choose between our iconic Deep Dish and Chicago Thin. For the first time in decades, anyone can order our Thin Crust Pizzas on TastesofChicago.com, along with our national favorite Deep Dish, no matter where they live.”
The Malnatis have been hand-crafting pizza in Chicago since the early 1970s, building their fame and devoted following with their legendary Deep Dish. Before long, they started using their signature family recipes, exclusively sourced ingredients and crave-able crust to create a Thin Crust Pizza, a style equally unique to and celebrated in Chicago, though lesser known nationwide.
Starting today, Lou’s Chicago Thin Crust pizzas are available in packs of four, or in combination packs with Deep Dish, offering the ultimate Chicago pizza experience. Pizzas are available in cheese, sausage or pepperoni. For more information or to place an order, customers can visit TastesOfChicago.com.
*Limited to residents of the contiguous United States. Pizza packs will be shipped through TastesOfChicago.com to the first 1,000 survey respondents. Each package will contain two thin crust pizzas and one deep dish pizza.
Considered the oldest family name in Chicago pizza, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is a family-owned company famous for deep dish pizza and staying true to the original Chicago-style pizza recipe. The company stresses consistency in quality, service, and food, offered in a unique environment by a staff that is committed to one another, the customer, and the community. Lou Malnati’s is passionate about pizza, people and proud to support the local communities they serve one deep dish at a time. There are more than 75 locations in the Chicagoland area, Arizona, Indiana and Wisconsin. A member of the Malnati family has been running the business since it started in 1971. The Malnati’s signature deep dish is made from a secret family recipe that has been handed down through four generations. For the latest dish, visit https://www.loumalnatis.com/.
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