Hope for the Holidays Starbright Foundation Amazon Wish List

What is your favorite memory as a child at Christmas time?
What if there wasn't a good memory?  For some children .. there isn't a nice meal, no cookies, abusive situations, stress, and no presents.  

Starbright is committed to helping as many children in this Valley to feel loved as they can... to feel the true Christmas spirit that can change a child's memory of Christmas forever.  If you are able to help. Starbright made it easier than ever!

Just click on our Amazon wish list and purchase a gift to light up a child's holiday.  We have carefully selected very inexpensive items so that you can even let your own children scroll through and find a way to bless another child.

Below is the link for Hope for the  Holidays Starbright Foundation Amazon Wish List... please share!
Lori Regnier
VP, Starbright Foundation