M&M Lighting: Gilbert Give Back Campaign

Champions for Small Businesses: M&M Lighting spearheads a Gilbert Give Back Campaign, an opportunity to give back to small businesses in the Town of Gilbert

GILBERT, Ariz. – At a time when many small businesses are facing financial hardships and other adversities, M&M Lighting, a local Gilbert business, is looking to pay it forward for small business owners with their Gilbert Give Back Campaign

M&M Lighting, a Gilbert based company, works directly with utility companies to bring savings to businesses of different sizes. After an assessment of each facility, M&M provides their customer with energy saving solutions through LED lighting with utility rebates to help fund the project.

This year, M&M Lighting is working to benefit small businesses in the Town of Gilbert with energy savings by upgrading to LED lighting for no out of pocket cost to the business. An upgrade to LED lighting will improve a businesses aesthetics, reduce maintenance costs, and future proof the lighting technology. 

This offer is utilizing the SRP Small Business Rebate Program to pay for the LED project. It works like this: M&M Lighting completes an energy assessment of your facility, then they fill out an application with you, and once the project is approved by SRP, they will install the new LED lights. 

There are various rebate programs available, but the SRP Small Business Program is exclusive to small businesses that use under 145,000 kWh per year.  “With your SRP account number, we are able to qualify your account as small business,” says Faith Roberts, co-owner of M&M Lighting.

“Energy rebates are an untapped source of financial support for these projects,” adds Jordan Roberts, co-owner of Gilbert-based M&M Lighting, “All businesses can benefit from these programs and at a time like this, small businesses can greatly benefit.”

To participate in the Gilbert Give Back Campaign, reach out to M&M Lighting by phone, email, or on Facebook. An Energy Consultant will visit your facility to conduct a complimentary energy assessment and let you know how you can take advantage of the utility rebates.

M&M lighting will also be donating $50 per project to Friends of the Needy for each small business who takes advantage of the lighting project.


For more about SRP Rebates, visit savewithsrpbiz.com. Friends of the Needy provides food, clothing, toys and services to those in need throughout the community.