In partnership with EverFi, the nation's leading critical skills education platform, this Arizona Coyotes STEM program uses the Hockey Scholar Program to teach important skills that help prepare them for success in life. Using the fast-paced, exciting game of hockey as a learning vehicle, the program helps students understand the real-world applications of science and math principles.

Hockey Scholar™ covers the following topics:

  • Engineering behind equipment
  • Calculating ice surface area and volume
  • Circumference, area of circles, radius & diameter
  • States of matter & phase changes
  • Examination of mass, velocity, and kinetic energy
  • Manipulating variables to run experiments
  • Data analysis and drawing conclusions
  • Recommended Grade Level: 5th - 8th*
Follow Link to learn more: https://www.nhl.com/coyotes/community/community-relations/school-programs/future-goals