Build Your Business Plan

Join other business owners in this workshop series designed to help you build your business plan and accelerate your progress. You’ll be led by Chris Spear, a successful 30-year entrepreneur/business leader. Chris will teach you foundational tools and disciplines from EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, so you can run your business … not have your business run you!

You’ll learn a powerful system that takes a holistic self-sustaining approach to build a great company. You’ll
emerge prepared to make your business bigger and better… achieving the freedom you really want as a business owner.

May 7, 21
June 4, 18
July 2, 21
Aug 6, 20 and 27

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Ensign Partners
111 E. Rivulon Blvd. #103
Gilbert, AZ 85297

Contact Dyana at 480-626-5855
Hurry! Seating is limited.

With Chris Spear
Founder, Traction Point
Build a Better Business, Live a Better Life!

Build Your Business Series Outline
May 7 - Your Vision for Building a Great Business
• Why build a great business? The EOS Life - the Four Freedoms, Strengthening The Key Components of a Business, Integrity, Hitting the Ceiling and Breaking Through

May 21 - Structuring Your Business for Success
• Structure for Success - Accountability Chart, Culture - Core values, GWC, Rocks

June 4 - Running Great Meetings to Optimize Teamwork
• Issues, IDS, Great Meetings, Lead Measures - Scorecard

June 18 - Getting and Keeping the Right People on the Bus
• Vision, Core Values, People Analyzer, Setting “The Bar”

July 2 - Finding Entrepreneurial Freedom / Your Noble Purpose
• Letting Go of the Vine, Delegate and Elevate – Accountability Chart Review, Core Focus, BHAG / 10-year target

July 21 - Developing Your Marketing Strategy
• Marketing Strategy, Demographic / Geographic / Psychographic clarity, Your 3 Uniques, Proven Process, 3-Year Picture

August 6 - Leading Execution with Accountability
• 1 Year Plan, Predicting - Short Term and Long Term, Rocks, Strengthening Core Processes - “The XYZ Company Way”

August 20 - Creating a Healthy, Harmonious Culture
• Vision Shared By All, Leading + Managing = Accountability, Team Health

August 27 - Articulating and Championing your Vision
• Graduation - Core Values Speeches (Core Values / Core Focus / 10 Year Target)