Banner|Aetna members eliminate Half of Diabetes Medications After Six Months on Virta Health’s Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program

Banner|Aetna members eliminate Half of Diabetes Medications After Six Months on Virta Health’s Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program
After six months, members see improvements including weight loss and blood sugar reduction
PHOENIX, Ariz. (April 4, 2023)—Banner|Aetna, a joint venture health plan owned by Banner Health and Aetna, a CVS Health company, announced successful outcomes from its strategic alliance with Type 2 diabetes reversal leader Virta Health.
A highly effective weapon against Type 2 diabetes, Virta’s individualized approach helps members lower their blood sugar and lose weight while reducing or eliminating the need for diabetes medications.
After six months, Banner|Aetna members with Type 2 diabetes have achieved profound results, including:

  • Blood sugar reduction: Estimated A1c improved by 1.4% on average. Every one-point decrease in A1c (a measure of estimated blood sugar) reduces the risk of long-term diabetes complications—such as eye, kidney, and nerve disease—by up to 40%.
  • Rx reduction: Patients eliminated 50% of diabetes medications (excluding metformin), including an 85% reduction in insulin dosages. Of those on insulin, 40% eliminated it completely.
  • Clinically significant weight loss: Members experienced 8.2% weight loss on average (5% is considered clinically significant). Nearly a quarter achieved 15% or more weight loss.
To work effectively with Banner|Aetna’s diverse and nationwide member base, health coaches offer personalized recommendations that cater to the dietary and budgetary needs of each member. The program also provides care exclusively through a virtual model that connects members with providers and health coaches via an app, regardless of location.
For Banner|Aetna member and Phoenix resident Paula Drum, this one-on-one support was critical to her success. Drum said, “Unlike other programs I’ve tried, Virta’s approach isn’t one-size-fits-all. I worked with my coach to find a plan that works for me, so I know this is a lifestyle change I’ll stick with long-term.”
After more than a decade of struggling with Type 2 diabetes, Drum joined Virta. During the past eight months, she has lost more than 20 pounds, lowered her HbA1C to 5.7%—almost below prediabetes levels—and eliminated her diabetes medication. Plus, she has the energy again to enjoy her favorite hobbies, like crafts and crocheting.
“My mom died at 53—the age I am now—and I wasn’t ready to let that happen to me,” said Drum. “Now, I feel healthier than ever before. It’s like I finally have control over my life.”
For Banner|Aetna CEO Tom Grote, the results speak for themselves.
“Like I’ve said before, partnering with Virta is the smartest thing I’ve done in recent memory—and our work is just beginning,” said Grote. “We’ve never had a program deliver such strong, measurable clinical outcomes. Plus, it’s incredible to hear our members' success stories—beyond the diabetes improvement and weight loss, people are getting their lives back.”
Banner|Aetna currently offers Type 2 diabetes reversal to eligible members of fully insured and Administrative Services Only groups.
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