ASU helping organizations reopen

ASU is assisting local, national and international partners in their reopening efforts. As our communities and businesses reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, they will continue to need the support of our expertise across all facets of their operations.
In response, ASU has developed 9 focus areas for businesses seeking support:

  • Customizing workplace expectations and guides
  • Applying data insights for business continuity
  • Assessing and optimizing supply chains
  • Rethinking consumer engagement and product packaging
  • Developing touchless interaction and enablement solutions
  • Developing and offering mental health and well-being programs
  • Extending the ASU PPE Response Network
  • Offering COVID-19 testing of organizations workforce to help reopen
  • Partnering with HealthyVerify to certify workplaces for safe reopening
The Corporate Engagement & Strategic Partnerships team in ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise will be managing these public inquiries, reaching out to our academic units for support with reopening project needs as we all work to return to a new normal.
To learn more about the offerings, please visit our site dedicated to helping businesses reopen.