A New Digital Marketing Approach Comes to Gilbert

(Gilbert, AZ- August 19, 2019) –  G/MX, a different and better way to provide digital marketing services, was launched this month by The Gotfried Group, a strategic communications and public relations agency located in Gilbert, AZ.
Traditional digital marketing services solely focus on providing and implementing technology— algorithms, meta tags, keywords, etc.  G/MX uses an integrated approach, combining digital marketing with traditional marketing, public relations, and branding strategies. No other digital marketing service provides this type of approach.
“By using all four disciplines, G/MX gives those responsible for marketing a business confidence knowing they are investing in the right places to achieve their marketing goal,” said Steven Gotfried, Principal of The Gotfried Group.
G/MX provides all of the same services legacy digital marketing services provide including website development and management; SEO (local, national, and Spanish); digital advertising (pay per click, retargeting, and mobile apps); digital reputation management (reviews on Google, Yelp, etc. ); social media (organic and paid postings), email marketing, etc. G/MX then incorporates traditional marketing tactics, public relations initiatives and brand strategies into a multi-pronged campaign.   
“This inclusive approach is designed to produce more customers, more sales and a stronger brand for clients,” said Gotfried.
G/XM is the latest offering of The Gotfried Group, a strategic marketing, public relations, and brand agency. The Gilbert-based company helps businesses and non-profits increase brand awareness, manage their reputation and solidify relationships with customers and stakeholders. The agency was founded in 2017 by Steven Gotfried, a long-time PR and marketing professional.  The Gotfried Group grounds everything it does in behavioral science, neuromarketing and pedagogy. By using the latest research on what draws our attention, how we learn and understand, and what influences and inspires us to act, the agency provides results in the most effective way possible.

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