3 Day Checklist for Solopreneurial Success

Think of it: each day, you could choose how you will pursue your personal passions, unfettered by permanent staff and without the restrictions of a supervisory organization. If that sounds like it would be a dream come true, set aside three days to build a better future for yourself in the form of a solopreneurial venture. 

Follow this simple checklist to ensure your success:

Day 1: Start! Dedicate this day to covering the essentials of establishing your business.

  • Determine your business direction. Consider something that plays well to your strengths, skills and interests.

  • Choose a worthy name for your business. Steer clear of anything that is misleading or difficult to spell, and make sure nobody else is already using it. 

  • Select the best business structure for your venture. For many solopreneurs, this is an LLC, thanks to the many benefits it provides. 

  • Develop a business plan that clarifies your goals and objectives and describes how you will achieve them. 

  • Your business plan will include a budget, but this is tricky for new business owners. Look for tools that will help you forecast your initial income and expenses. 


Day 2: Run! Dedicate this day to connecting with your very first customer.

  • Define your target audience so you can create relevant outreach. 

  • Come up with a logo and slogan that will catch customers’ attention. Plan to incorporate it into your outreach materials, including your website. 

  • A great website is a critical tool for engaging your audience. Employ a website builder that is user-friendly and affordable so you can get online right away.

  • You’ll need an appropriate invoice for when those orders start rolling in. 

  • Begin marketing your new business; reach out via social media, email and your personal network.

  • Keep your outreach pitches simple, personal, friendly and concise.  


Day 3: Grow! Dedicate this day to setting the stage for growth.

  • You already defined your target audience. Now take some time to get better acquainted with your customers better.  

  • Customers are the lifeblood of all businesses; make top-notch service a priority. 

  • Put your website to good use by providing valuable content to your audience. 

  • Look for discreet ways to build your brand, such as through hashtag use, referral programs and infographics.

  • Just because you’re a solopreneur, it doesn't mean you need to wear all the hats for your business. Look to freelance services that make sense for your time and skill limitations. 

  • As you grow, don’t let your finances get away from you. An accounting assessment can help you stay on track. 

  • The internet is an amazing and invaluable resource for new businesses, but you have to make the most of it. Analyze your web presence to ensure you’re optimizing every opportunity.  

  • Your local community is another invaluable resource. Join the chamber of commerce to ensure rich engagement with area businesses, organizations and individuals, as well as for networking opportunities and events. 


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