Personal Care Attendant- Night Shift

Posted: 03/07/2021


The Personal Care Attendant is responsible for providing daily care to facility residents. The Personal Care
Attendant functions as the primary liaison between residents and other facility staff. In addition to resident care, this individual is responsible for other clerical, environmental, and organizational tasks. This person must convey a positive image of the facility and must have a genuine caring for and interest in working with elderly people. The Personal Care Attendant must, within their area of focus, assure compliance with _Bee _
Hive Homes’ _quality standards and State and Federal regulations. This individual must be highly organized and possess outstanding interpersonal skills with a high level of energy and enthusiasm. The Personal Care
Attendant works closely with the House Manager to insure operational performance, quality of service, and competitiveness with other area facilities. The Personal Care Attendant must be a firm decision-maker, taking into consideration the impact of his/her decision on the overall organization.


The Personal Care Attendant reports to the House Manager. The Personal Care Attendant is responsible for carrying out the primary duties as outlined by the House Manager. These essential functions include, but are not limited to:

• Demonstrate positive interpersonal relations in dealing with employees, residents, residents' families, visitors, and coworkers in a professional, confidential manner.

• Initiate and participate in quality assurance and quality improvement activities based on the four components of quality: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, process/system refinement, and financial impact.

• Demonstrate the ability to embrace and project the values of the facility: safety, trust and respect, teamwork, partnership and service, compassion, integrity, efficiency, and financial responsibility.

• Communicate accurate and pertinent information to facilitate effective and efficient resident care.
• Provide informative written and oral correspondence.
• Make informative, decisive decisions.
• Oversee resident care during the hours of sleep.
• Apply problem solving and conflict resolution skills where needed.
• Maintain awareness of governmental, societal, legal, environmental, and competitive factors affecting the home.
• Work to establish a group culture to enable Bee Hive Homes to function as a “whole.”


The Personal Care Attendant is expected to perform other position-related duties that include, but are not limited to:


• Assist with incontinence issues.

• Assist residents with activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs include, but are not limited to, grooming, care and selection of clothing, cleanliness of clothing, shaving, bathing, oral hygiene, shampooing and curling hair, eating and sleeping, planning daily activities and spending quality time with individual residents.

• Assist residents in light housekeeping when needed.
• Assist residents with occasional bowel or bladder incontinence, including making sure residents are clean and dressed in clean clothing.
• Set-up bathroom for residents on the a.m. bath schedule. Assist residents as needed.
• Assist residents to the bathroom or commode during the night; assure that residents have clean linen, water, pillows and blankets, or any additional needs.
• Assist the residents with glasses, dentures, and hearing aids.
• Perform routine resident checks during the night and assist residents as needed.
• Supervise residents in medication self-administration according to the Medication policy.
• Assist with maintenance of residents' records to include charting, recording ADLs and medications, etc.
• Record vital signs, weights and measurements and other information as assigned.
• Assist residents to ambulate and transfer, utilizing appropriate assistive devices and body mechanics.
• Facilitate staff, resident, and family communication to resolve conflict and create a positive home environment.
• Participate in resident care planning by identifying the needs of residents in accordance with the medical assessment, working with other professionals as necessary.
• Assist new residents with orientation to the facility.
• Do resident checks as outlined by Administrator, or at least once per hour.

Regulatory and Legal

• Comply with facility's policies and procedures and recommend changes as necessary.
• Bring to the attention of the House Manager any deficiencies that may arise.
• Insure compliance to policies relating to blood-borne pathogens, hazard communication, and infection control.
• Insure compliance with respect to risk management; death, the dying and the aging process; fire safety; disaster preparedness; residents' rights; grievance procedures; and medication administration.


• Assist with light housekeeping throughout the facility according to facility cleaning schedule to include dusting, cleaning wheelchairs, emptying laundry hampers, and cleaning the refrigerator.
• Insure odor free facility.
• Wash and dry resident laundry and facility laundry and linen utilizing both household and industrial equipment.
• Fold and stack linen and hang clothing.
• Pick up soiled linen and deliver clean linen to resident and facility areas.
• Clean laundry area and equipment.
• Empty all trash, including kitchen area trash. Bag all trash and transport to outside trash area.


• Prepare salads, casseroles and other food items for next day’s meals.
• Answer the phone and/or questions, writing accurate messages and assuring messages are delivered promptly to the appropriate individual or are available for the daytime staff upon arrival.
• Set the table for breakfast and assist with any breakfast preparation as requested.
• Develop skills and education through other higher educational and/or continuing education opportunities.

Annual continuing education requirements shall be as determined by State regulations or as required by the
Administrator / Owner.

• Complete full orientation upon hire.
• Attend staff meetings as required.
• Participate in patient care planning conferences when asked.



• High school diploma or equivalent.
• Certification from a physician, nurse practitioner, or other health care professional to verify no communicable diseases, open skin lesions, or any other health problems that would interfere with job performance.
• No previous felony conviction or conviction for fraud of the federal government.
• CPR and first aid certification.
• TB test.
• Food handler permit.
• Background check (BCI).
• CNA where applicable.
• 18 years of age.

• Knowledge of the assisted living care industry.
• Decisive, well-informed, decision-maker.
• Ability to communicate effectively in written and oral form.
• Capacity to work effectively with different types of people.
• Ability to work efficiently and complete projects under pressure with time constraints.
• Ability to calmly handle stressful situations.
• Demonstrate organizational capabilities.

• Two years of experience working in an Assisted Living Center.
• CNA certification.


This position requires the ability to work with a diverse group of individuals. Physical demands include varied sitting, standing, bending, reaching, lifting and walking. Lifting, on a regular basis, up to twenty-five pounds is required. Occasional lifting and carrying of items up to fifty pounds is also required. Requires a full range of body motion including manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Requires hearing to normal range and corrected vision. Occasional stress related to a fast-paced environment and multiple responsibilities.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $12.00 to $15.00 /hour