Daytime Homeschool Tutor

Posted: 04/09/2023

Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert may be a good fit for you!

  • Are you a retired teacher, parent or active Education Major?
  • Are you looking for a rewarding job using your educational experience with flexible hours?
  • Do you have at least two days per week between 8am-12pm available?
If yes, then we would love to meet you! Tutor Doctor has earned a tremendous reputation in the East Valley over the past 4 years and enrolls new students nearly every day. As a result, tutors do not have to search for students or do consultations. We match students and their families with tutors, leaving you to show up and help them!

Some of the great perks of tutoring with Tutor Doctor Chandler-Gilbert are…

  • Choosing your own hours with this flexible part-time job

  • Keeping your teaching skills sharp with this job in the education field

  • The job serves as a great resume builder for teachers

  • Making a difference to students and families in our community


  • This is a part-time opportunity

  • Paid as an 1099 Independent Contractor

  • Most tutoring is conducted in students’ homes in the local area, some sessions are online

  • Tutors select their students based upon skillset, location and availability

  • Tutors are expected to continue with student through completion of their course or until an obvious transition point (like a break or an end of semester)

    Pay varies with experience and certifications ranging from $18-$35/hour