Harmonic Egg Energy Healing Sessions - $40 Off!

Offer Valid: 11/17/2021 - 01/22/2022
Wellness from Within - Realign Your Life Wellness Center

Realign Your Life Wellness Center provides energy healing with the Harmonic Egg. We are opening December 9, 2021, but you can Pre-Book your Harmonic Egg Session now! 

The Harmonic Egg is a resonant chamber that uses sound and colored light to de-stress, detoxify, and activate your body's own natural ability to balance, restore, and heal itself. 

You will recline in a zero-gravity chair within the chamber, and become enveloped in highly-resonant music and colored light. The session lasts 50 minutes (40 minutes of music and 10 minutes of silence to help integrate the energy healing). 

Sessions are regularly priced at $125, but you can book your session for just $85 during Grand Opening, which goes through January 22, 2022.

Gift Cards also available for $85 for Holiday Gift Giving! Book your session at RealignYourLifeAZ.com

This Holiday Deal is promoted by Gilbert Chamber of Commerce.