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Offer Valid: 05/03/2020 - 07/28/2020
Nicole Anne Yoga - We bring the ZEN to you!
It's time to stretch it out! Lets connect to our bodies with Yin Yoga and Sound donation based classes via Facebook LIVE!

All Facebook LIVE classes are COMPLIMENTARY to Veterans, Active Military Members, and now Health Care Providers/First Responders due to COVID-19; however, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

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Venmo - @Nicole-Fonovich

Please set up a comfortable quiet space within your home. Feel free to use a Yoga mat or blanket. One may use props if needed such as two yoga blocks (Or a stack of books), and a Yoga Strap (Or belt, bathrobe tie, or towel). If you have Bluetooth speaker it is recommended that you use it to enhance the experience. You may use your own music in the background if you so wish!

Yin Yoga is slower paced and therefore a more meditative practice in which postures are held for longer periods of time, typically three to five minutes. The practice is designed to target the joints to increase longevity. Almost all postures are done seated. This is an ALL LEVELS class.

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