Complimentary Wellness Assessment at AzOPT Gilbert

Offer Valid: 09/26/2022 - 12/31/2022
Do you want to prevent future injuries and future medical bills? Get a FREE Wellness Assessment from AzOPT Gilbert
AzOPT Gilbert offers a variety of complimentary consultations to give you direction.  Rising insurance costs and deductibles make it expensive to go the traditional route.  Before you spend money on doctor visits, x-rays, and MRIs, trust an AzOPT Doctor of Physical Therapy to quickly assess and make recommendations on necessary actions.

Do you want to prevent future injuries and more importantly, future medical bills?  Are you at risk to fall?  Maybe you have just accepted your body’s decline as the normal, slow aging process.  Our Doctors of Physical Therapy know your musculoskeletal system like the back of their own hand and can diagnose an imbalance before it becomes a problem.  Many injuries and surgeries can be prevented by correcting these dysfunctions.  Our therapists will evaluate your strength, balance, and function from top to bottom, and help determine if there is anything you need to know.  You will learn stretches and exercises, as well as be educated on how to improve your daily function and stay healthy!

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