ASU Presentation: Positioning Arizona for Future Success

Senate Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee is sharing a link to a presentation that ASU President Crow gave recently to the Arizona Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee.

You will see points about the linkage between education and economic adaptability for the future.
A few highlights:
  • Connection between educational attainment and economic prosperity (slides 3-7).
  • 65% - estimated percentage of children who will perform jobs that don’t exist yet (slide 7).
  • Diversity – ASU student population now represents the diverse demographics of our state (slides 10-11).
  • Family income – ASU’s 2018 freshman class – largest segment from families with income between $20-40k (slide 12).
  • Tuition – average tuition paid by Arizona residents is $2,122, after accounting for scholarships and grants (slides 13-14).
  • First-generation college students – over 20k in 2017 (slide 16).
  • Research expenditures: $604 million in 2018 (slide 17).
  • STEM degrees – 6,257 degrees awarded in STEM fields in 2016-17 (slide 18).

  • January 30, 2019