Gilbert Chamber of Commerce

Marketing Representative

The Well Chiropractic Clinic
Job Description

The job details are as follows:

  • Planning of all marketing/public relations activities.

2) Submission of a budget for approval by the Supervisor.

3) Execution of all marketing/PR activities which could include but may not be limited to:

  • Responsible for spinal screenings and health care classes, which will include giving a 20 minute presentation.
  • Interaction/networking with other businesses to promote public relations activities
  • Organization and oversight of all philanthropic activities and fundraising events
  • Organizations and oversight of all marketing events
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Calling on other businesses such as medical doctor’s offices to promote and encourage referral relationships
  • Attendance at staff meeting
  • Attendance at strategic planning sessions
  • Organization of health fair(s)
  • Attendance at Integrity Management seminars
  • All other duties as assigned

Job Type: Part-time

***This position requires a person who is driven, confident, out-going, organized, assertive, and energetic. Being comfortable walking into a room of strangers and being able to develop relationships is also an important attribute.

Contact Information