Hot Deal

Offer Valid: 03/10/2019 - 04/30/2019
Want to reach accountants during tax season?
Do you have a gift certificate for a free service?  I'd love to give it out to local accounting professionals at no charge to you. 

One of my job dities is to build relationships with local accounting professionals.  I have 150 individuals that I'm aligned with in Gilbert and Mesa.  I see about 50 of them regularly across 30 firms, but they do beef up staff this time of year.  It's tax time and they are stressed to the max!  You can be part of my stress relief kit!  I will deliver as many as you are willing to part with over the next month, and beyond if there's value in it.  All I ask is that the gift cover something at your business that wouldn't require them to pay anything unless they chose to purchase more while they are there and that it be in the form of a gift certificate from me: free massage, free oil change, free entree, etc.  I will give out one bundle of cards to every employee of the firms that I go to. 

I also like passing out any type of coupon to potential clients or other members of the community as I meet with them.  I see about 10 new people who live right here in Gilbert and the surrounding area per week. 

I would expect that you would be willing to meet with me for a 1:1 if I give these out just so I can tell you what I do, too, in case you run into the opportunity to refer me, too. 

~ Gretchen Legg

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